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Life after death: contemporary theories and beyond

Naresh Kumar

DIP: 18.02.001/20200502

DOI: 10.25215/2455/0502001

Received: April 15, 2020; Revision Received: May 02, 2020; Accepted: June 25, 2020


Philosophers and thinkers have been theorizing on life after death, and, several theories have emerged on the intriguing topic, as to, what happens after we die. As there are extensively reported discarnate communications, Survival theory asserts there is extension of life beyond death and discarnate spirits communicate. Super psi theory’s view is that, there is no extension of life; the reported communications from dead may be through handiwork of a refined form of psi, called Super psi. But wherefrom the communication is extracted; is answered by theory of Radical Survivalism, which stipulates, that the Knowledge form stays in existence after death (there is no extension of life though). It keeps all past events, and all information in storage and this knowledge form becomes a part of Absolute Knowledge form; the communication gets extracted from Absolute Knowledge form through psi or super psi by living people. Some questions still remain unanswered–does the Knowledge form stop here; is there no further manifestation? How, then, we explain new births, can there, still be, life and death cycles? The reincarnations and manifestations of apparitions who communicate with living people are not dealt in the theories other than survival theory. What about life after death of non-human living forms? There are reported existence of living forms in other planets, what happens to them? Can we traverse anywhere in Cosmos after death? If there is survival after death, does manifestation of life in next cycle is in same living speci form or humans can manifest in non-human living forms and vice-versa? The suggested Energy Survival Theory attempts to find answers to some of above questions. The theory is based on the concept of Energy which cannot be created or destroyed; it can, only, undergo transformation.

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Life after death: contemporary theories and beyond

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DIP: 18.02.001/20200502

DOI: 10.25215/2455/0502001

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Volume 05, Issue 2, April-June, 2020

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