Special Issue Proposal

How to Publish a Special Issue

If you would like to publish a special issue in one of our journals, please contact the journal editor or email at info.ijsi@gmail.com directly.

You may keep the following points in mind before contacting the editor:

  1. Generally, we will publish 8-30 articles or 50 up pages in one issue. If you have less than the required number of articles, we suggest you publish it in the general issue instead of a special issue.
  2. All the articles should be peer-reviewed. You have the option to conduct the review process by your desired or preferred guest editors and reviewers, and their names will be included in the inside front cover of the printed journals. However, we can also assign our reviewers, depending on your needs and requests.
  3. All journals have different publication dates, and thus the schedule should be discussed with the journal editor.
  4. You will be asked to pay an article publication fee if the papers are accepted for publication.  However, we will give you a 10% discount if the peer review was conducted by your own editors and reviewers.
  5. The soft copy of the special issue (including cover and editorial board page) will be sent to you so you may copy, distribute, and transmit the work.

The International Journal of Social Impact special issue invites the papers from the NATIONAL CONFERENCE, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, SEMINAR conducted by colleges, university, etc. The Group of paper, PhD Thesis, M.Phil Thesis, will accept with some concession and will publish in IJSI Journal as special issue. It is the platform for College, university, etc to share the knowledge.

>>Interested please call to our secretory Mr. Ankit Patel. (Mo.no. +91 9998447091)

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